COVID -19 awareness Phase One Of Nyc-Chandaria Distribution

Phase One Of Nyc-Chandaria Distribution

On 20th May 2020, NYC alongside Chandaria Industries distributed masks, tissue papers and liquid hand wash to twenty youth champions in Baba Dogo, Ruaraka Constituency, following a successful partnership geared towards supporting government initiatives to protect Kenyans against COVID-19.

This initiative, marked the partnership’s first phase of the distribution targeting vulnerable communities through NYC youth champions to protect them from contracting the virus who in turn distributed the items using the ‘Nymba Kumi Initiative’.

In its continuity to continually engage the public in sensitizing them with the safety measures outlined by the government, the Council took cognisance of the willingness, unwavering resilience and dedication the youth have collectively put in place in ensuring their communities are catered for in terms of supporting them mentally, ensuring that they conduct their businesses and daily engagements safely and healthily without interruptions.

’Inclusion and participation of the youth during this period will optimally increase awareness and give room for solutions to vulnerable households; considering each of the twenty youth champions present here today have a target of twenty households.’’ NYC CEO, Roy Sasaka Telewa concluded.

In attendance, was the Permanent Secretary, State Department for Youth, Mr. Julius Korir, Secretary, State Department for Youth Mr. Raymond Ochieng and Chandaria Industries CEO Dr. Darshan Chandaria.


Nyc’s Covid-19 Response To Persons With Disabilities

Nyc’s Covid-19 Response To Persons With Disabilities

NYC organized a first distribution to Persons With Disabilities on at Shauri Moyo on 19th May 2020 through its youth champions to reach out to vulnerable households in Kamkinji Constituency.

During the event, which was also attended by Kenya Pipeline Corporation’s Head of Foundation. the youth were applauded for their continuous efforts of implementing the measures geared towards suppressing the transmission of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a Constituency level by the Council’s CEO, Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa. He further congratulated the community leaders (including the area Chief) who have supported the Government directives in mitigating the transmission of the COVID-19 through compliance with measures and continued efforts to update relevant guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health from time to time.

Remaining cognizant of the Government’s efforts being put in place to secure Persons With Disabilities from the pandemic, National Youth Council donated tissue papers (from Chandaria Industries) and the Government of Kenya hand sanitizers (from Kenya Pipeline Company). This, was following the realization that Persons With Disabilities are mostly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore there is a special need for NYC and other organizations (both public and provate) to reach to them through appropriate channels.

NYC will continue working with youth representatives of Persons With Disabilities Persons in vulnerable situations considering many of them face economic-related challenges and may not access adequate clean water, soap and sanitizers for basic hygiene easily.


Nyc’s Collaborative Effort With KPC In The Distribution Of Gok Sanitizers And Reflectors To Boda Boda Riders

Nyc’s Collaborative Effort With Kenya Pipeline Company In The Distribution Of Gok Sanitizers And Reflectors To Boda Boda Riders

To diversify its outreach in regards to fighting COVID19, NYC engaged with Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya, through its Chairman, through its National Chairperson, Mr. Kevin Mubadi on 12th May 2020.

In keeping with a collective national effort of partnering with local and national governments, partners and other corporations to support development projects that will benefit the public, the Council donated GoK hand sanitizers that were donated to KPC by the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) on 29th April 2020, through its Managing Director, Dr. Irungu Macharia (in the presence of the Permanent Secretary, State Department for Petroleum, Amb. Andrew Kamau).

The CEO, NYC stressed on the fact that there is a global demand for protective equipment and health supplies to prevent COVID-19, and Kenya is of no exception. “Our response to this crisis thus far, and going forward, is guided by the Council’s mission: To enhance youth capacity and active participation in social, political and economic prosperity through strategic consultations, engagements and partnerships. Today marks our initial allocation of the first Emergency Health Support distribution plan and we strategically launched it at Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) since this is a high traffic zone.’’

The event, that took place at Uhuru Park, saw a total of 67 riders receiving the GoK hand sanitizers and KPC-NYC-branded reflectors with sensitization message, ‘Sanitize to Fight Corona, #UsafiNdioDeal’. The Council remains steadfast in ensuring continuity of this joint project with Kenya Pipeline Company and the promotion of national cohesion with relevant state and private entities.