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Proposed NYC Elections Guidelines, 2020 The Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs has, pursuant to Sections 5(1)(g), 5(1)(h) and 24 of the National Youth Council Act, developed the National Youth Council Elections Guidelines 2020 (Elections Guidelines), with a view to streamlining and enhancing the legal framework for undertaking the election and nomination of youth members of the Council. Download
NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL ACT,Revised Edition 2014 [2012] NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL ACT NO. 10 OF 2009 Revised Edition 2014 [2012] Published by the National Council for Law Reporting with the Authority of the Attorney-General Download
AGPO CHART 6 easy steps to Access Government Procurement Opportunity. Download
Kenya Youth Development Policy The youth are our strength, our wealth and the drivers of innovation in Kenya. Deliberate and systematic effort is necessary to appropriately equip and empower the youth of Kenya to attain and realize their full potential and in turn drive attainment of development objectives set out in Kenya Vision (2030); and international commitments including African Union Agenda (2063), United Nations Strategy for the Youth (2014) and SDGs (2030). Download
NYC Mashinani One of the steps the Council took towards building and strengthening strategic partnerships was to engage identified County Governments’ leadership in conversations aimed at shaping the engagement of youth within the counties starting with the National Youth Council delegates. Download
Charter Citizen Service Delivery Charter Download
Kenya National Youth Policy -4th Draft -2019 Kenya National Youth Policy Download
Kenya National Youth Policy -2007 Youth Policy Download
The NYC Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Download