Africa Youth Forum To Be Held In Nairobi


The National Youth Council of Kenya is honored to host the 4th Pan African Youth Conference on African Unity and Development and the Annual General Assembly meeting of the African Youth Commission in Nairobi City. Previous editions took place in Addis Ababa, Harare and Banjul.

The ...

Towards Ten Percent Forest Cover

The NYC in collaboration with Panesar's Kenya Limited embarked on an elaborate plan to attain the United Nations objective to increase 10% threshold tree cover by 2022 as part of the country’s efforts to address the challenges of climate change. The greening Kenya initiative saw the two institutions plant over 2500 tree seedlings at Kereita Forest station. Speaking during the ...

Launch Of The Baseline Survey Report On Article 55 (B) Of The Cok 2010

Launch of the Baseline Survey Report on the Implimentation of Article 55(b) of the Constitition of Kenya 2010. National Youth Council is committed to ensuring the Youth Voice is championed to enable them be actively involved in political dialogue and governance processes.

Africa Tech Challenge

National Youth Council CEO, Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa with the participants from eight African Countries taking part in session six of the Africa Tech Challenge. The CEO emphersized to the participants on the need to focusing on technical skills needed in the market place and also the essence of personal branding. 

The Black Republic Premiere

The Black Republic play emenates from the realization that we have a value system deficit in Kenya and that their is a gap in the role of youth in promoting national values and decency.

Environmental Conservation Through Waste Management Awareness Campaign

National Youth Council led by the CEO, Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa led the team on mega environmental conservation through waste management awareness campaign exercise at Mkuru kwa Njenga slums on the 7th June 2019. This is in line with NYC to raise the level of youth awareness on cross cutting issues.