Requirements for Appointment

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must:

  1. Have a Bachelors in Law, Business Administration, Economics or other relevant field from a recognized institution;
  2. Have two (2) years relevant work experience in public or private institution
  3. Be a member of a relevant professional body and in good standing;
  4. Have demonstrated professional and administrative competence as reflected in work performance and results;
  5. Have proficiency in computer application skills; and
  6. Fulfill the requirements of Chapter six of the Constitution.


Key Competencies

  1. Team player and ability to work in a collaborative manner
  2. Communications and reporting skills
  3. Planning skills
  4. Interpersonal and negotiations skills


Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the officer will entail: –

  1. Assist in developing mechanisms for monitoring compliance with policies and regulations for safe guarding youth against abuse and manipulation.
  2. Assist in ensuring compliance with regulations and policies safeguarding youth against abuse and manipulation in liaison with other relevant institutions.
  3. Assist in data collection on compliance by institutions on government policies on youth empowerment opportunities.
  4. Liaising with the relevant agencies to ensure youth benefit from the empowerment opportunities
  5. Assist in establishing and maintaining a database on all existing policies, legislations affecting the youth
  6. Assist in following up on implementation of existing policies.
  7. Assist in following up on the implementation of guidelines that protect the youth against any form of abuse or manipulation and ensure compliance;
  8. Participate in establishing a database for institutions and persons abusing and manipulating the youths
  9. Participate in developing a system for reporting institutions and individuals abusing, manipulating and denying youth empowerment opportunities.