Kenya has a generally youthful population. According to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census report, Youth (18-34 years of age) were 13,618,462 which are 29 % of the Kenya’s population. In Tana River County, the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census report, indicates that the total population is 314,710, and 75% of the population are below the age of 35 years. From these statistics, it is evident that youth form part of the critical mass that can be relied on to advance the growth and development interests of the county which include economic growth, social change and innovation in technology. Therefore, it is important for the county government to tap the youth’s energy.

In the economic sphere youth are a great resource. They present an opportunity to accelerate economic growth when engaged productively. The youth also have the energy to provide labor in the economic activities carried out in Tana River County. The economic activities include Agriculture, small scale businesses, transport sector and sports. Their potential is also in education, skills, energy, creativity and innovation.

In the social sphere, it is important to provide inclusive access to social amenities by the youth in the county. Therefore, it is necessary for the county government to support the personal and social development of the youth, to create opportunities and to provide ground for them to truly reveal their potentials and to help them participate actively in every aspect of social life within the county. According to the Tana River Annual Progress Report 2019/20 the county government was able to build one cultural heritage site in Garsen and 3 Sports playing ground constructed in Sala, Hirimani and Garsen Central Ward.

Tana River County government is obligated in every way by this policy to ensure that all its citizens are served to their expectation. Over and above this, the county government should carefully plan and be involved in developing the youth to be responsible and available to contribute to the current and future growth of the county. Specifically, the county should:

·         Provide necessary framework for young people to fulfill their obligation.

·         Create a mechanism and opportunities for involvement of youth in internship and volunteerism.

·         Be the lead agent in supporting the implementation of the youth policy.

·         Ensure that the youth enjoy their state rights and entitlements

·         Create a strategy for clear youth involvement in decision making process.



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