Sawazisha Gumzo

Intergenerational and intra-generational dialogues program that offers psycho-social support through mentorship and value transfer to youth. Also, it addresses cultural and socioeconomic factors resulting in youth suffering.


A youth civic engagement and education platform aiming at educating the youth on national values and principles of governance as expressed in article of the constitution of Kenya, 2010. Involves youth engagement in civic education and participation in leadership and governance training. The program also supports policy development that enhances youth inclusion.


Addresses Mental health issues amongst youth through a collective partnership to help them attain mental health wellness.


Regulation & Coordination

Regulate and coordinate activities and initiatives relating to the youth


Promotes research, collation and analysis of data on youth issues


A job creation stimuli by tapping into the innovative nature of our Youth and the experienced nature of market experts in a challenge-driven solve-problem approach. The program Excelevate addresses the skills gap in higher education by connecting the industry sector with a potential workforce trained with the right skills to solve real-world problems.

Greening Kenya

Climate action aimed at implementing the president’s directive of ensuring a 30% forest cover by 2050.


The program seeks to provide solutions to existing challenges such as the Covid19 virus, the non-inclusion of youth in the democratic processes, as well as providing Youth opportunities through joint activities with stakeholders such as demand training, mentorship, partnership, and linkages.

Patirotism & Volunteerism

An inspiration and promotion of the spirit of unity, patriotism, volunteerism, and service among the youth


Peace Forums

The program aims at recognizing youth as important agents of peace as well as harness youth energy, capabilities, and abilities through peace tournaments, peace talks and all other peace-building processes to facilitate peace in the society

Cultural Fests

Entails engulfing all cultural aspects amongst youth to appreciate their dynamics, entertain, share the experience through programs such as culture night thus enhancing peace coexistence.