FURSA is the Youth Bridge to bring the Youth relevance to the National Agenda. The Youth voices are limited if not at all heard, yet the Youth are our greatest resource.
FURSA is a necessary determinant of Youth participation and involvement in National, Regional and or local level development. For inclusiveness, FURSA is the embrace of sharing knowledge and active stakeholders’ participation with the Youth at the center for our nation’s sustainable development.

Sawazisha Gumzo

Is an intra-generational and intergenerational dialogues program, that provides psychosocial support through mentorship, and value transfer to Youth, as well as address cultural, socioeconomic factors that contribute to problems facing Youth, directly. For this year, NYC’s main focus is on teenage pregnancies, reproductive health, Mental health, drug use & substance abuse, entrenching Values, Volunteerism & Community service and Patriotism. This program is to also create a safe space for young people for them to be sensitized and learn from each other.


Is a Youth Empowerment program, that encourages Youth to take charge of their lives. It further seeks to establish an environment, and effective platforms, where Youth may exercise authentic participation and pursuit their own visions, dreams, hopes, and concerns pertaining to development and overall well-being. This program’s activities are grounded on the fundamental evidence that if Youth have sufficient incomes and resources to sustain productive lives, they can generate an economic opportunity and contribute to the wider good and care for others. NYC Youth priority this year is on  NYC Creative Challenge, Affirmative Funds, Private Sector Opportunities, Youth internship and Volunteerism and Youth employment programs (Kazi Mtaani), for Post-Covid 19 economic recovery.


With rising population of the youth, there are more challenging experiences in the present times and there needs to be interventions to provide applicable solutions. One of the mandate of the National Youth Council is to leverage research on youth issues to drive policy and evidence-based interventions. Utafiti Kwa Vijana, a research program that intends to mobilize youth voices, insights and policy suggestions to inform policy formulation in governance and youth representation across all the 47 counties.



The Uzalendo Programme is National Youth Council’s flagship on civic engagement and accountability programme. The Uzalendo Programme is anchored in Section 4 of the National Youth Council Act, which mandates NYC to:
1. Act as a voice and bridge to ensure that the Government and other policy makers are kept informed of the views and aspirations of the youth
2. Promote and popularize the national youth policy and other policies that affect the youth
3. Facilitate the periodic review of the national youth policy
4. Lobby for legislation on issues affecting the youth
5. Promote the inclusion of youths in decision-making bodies, board, agencies and other public institutions and organisations.

Coordination & Representation

NYC is mandated in NYC Act of 2009 section 4a to regulate and co-ordinate activities and initiatives relating to the Youth, being undertaken by Youth groups, Youth focused community based organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society movements and other organizations dealing with Youth matters, popularly referred to as Youth Serving Organizations.

Regulation and Coordination program intends to
 build and strengthening multi-sectoral coordination of YSOs at National and County levels as proposed in KYDP,2019 and NYC advocacy agenda, do a countrywide registration and accreditation as well as regulate non-state actors serving the Youth.