National Youth Council (NYC) is a state corporate in the Ministry of ICT, Innovation & Youth Affairs which came into being through the enactment of the NYC Act (2009) as the official voice of the Youth. The mandate of the Council is to advocate for Youth opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in the Political, Social, Economic and other spheres.


The NYC Mobile Application Competition is honoring Youth Creatives who are dedicated to Mobile App Development. We seek for creative designers to DISCOVER and DISPLAY their talents in the industry. Get ready to let your imagination run wild and showcase your unlimited creativity with NYC Mobile Application Development.


  1. Read the terms and conditions carefully and agree to them.
  2. Let your Creativity Inspire and Shine like no Other. Your chance of winning is elevated if you base your Creation on the NYC Creation Concept, Mandate and Logo.


  • All participants should be between l8- 35 years of age to be eligible to participate in the contest.
  • National Identification cards should be attached alongside all submissions.
  • All projects should be original works of authorship, during the submission of the project all necessary documents must be included as attachments
  • Participants are allowed to work as individuals or in groups
  • All entries MUST be received by the National Youth Council by the closing date May 31st 2021 via email
  • The announcement of the winner will be communicated via email from and published on the following social media platforms: Facebook: YouthCouncilKe, Instagram: nyc_youthvoice Twitter: NYC_YouthVoice by June 15th 2021
  • The winner of the mobile app development challenge will be expected to update the mobile app with NYC content for one month
  • For all enquiries and additional clarifications reach out to or email

CATEGORY: Mobile App Development

We are calling upon innovative youths to develop an OFFLINE MOBILE APP with intention to foster Accountability, Strengthen Advocacy and improve on quality of Youth participation in governance process from grass root to National levels.


The mobile application MUST allow users to access different tabs which include:

  1. Registration TAB:

Youth must be able to register: Name & Contact as an individual or an organization (Youth Serving Organization)

  1. Announcements Tab

Posters of contests, events, forums (webinars), intergenerational dialogues, Greening Kenya initiatives, International Youth Week

The posters should be downloadable and shareable

  1. Connect-hub Tab between Youth and their leaders (based on regions)

This tab should list all regions in Kenya as per regions (47 counties)

Have a provision for entry of contact Information: Name/Email/Telephone Number

  1. Civic Education Forum Tab

Posting of information in form of: PDF, videos, photos) and receiving feedback and inquiries (ability to download the content and sharing via other platforms such as WhatsApp, Social Media)

  1. Partnerships Linkages Tab

Information on National Youth Council partners

Grant Opportunities

Point of Contact on inquiries

  1. Surveys Tab

This tab should allow app users to be able to respond to surveys in form of questionnaires

  1. Create an Account Tab


Process of submission

  1. Be a Youth: 18-35 years
  2. Agree to all the Terms and Conditions
  3. Fill a Google Form on the website:
  4. Develop the Mobile App with Key Application Features
  5. Submit to by 31st May 2021

All documents should be submitted to by 31st May 2021 with the subject of the email being the name of the participant and challenge name and year i.e. James Brown – NYC Mobile App Development 2021.

Make sure you submit the APK Android Package File format used by android and other operating systems for installation of mobile apps alongside other relevant documents


All entries will be judged by experts in corresponding areas, who will evaluate Relevance, Skill, Creativity and Originality when scoring the overall effectiveness of each entry.

Each section will be weighted and defined as follows:

50% : Creativity and Originality

How you push the boundaries of what has been done and how the participant’s idea behind the entry is expressed.

30% : Relevance

Participants have to be very Innovative. Innovative means the ability to seamlessly deliver the “NYC Content Creation” Drive: Let inspiration take off and create your moments that shine in life.

 20% : Skill

The participant’s technical ability of telling his/her message clearly and in a compelling manner.


Winner Kshs. 30,000


Deadline: 31st MAY, 2021