To enhance youth capacity and active participation in social, political and economic prosperity through strategic consultations, engagements and partnerships.


To be the dynamic institution championing youth empowerment, unity and inclusion for National prosperity and stability.

Core Values

Participation | Equity and Fairness | Professionalism  Patriotism | Integrity and Accountability Innovativeness and Creativity | Inclusivity and Diversity | Volunteerism and Community service

Who We Are

The National Youth Council is a state corporation domiciled in the Ministry of ICT,Innovation and Youth Affairs which came into being after the enactment of National Youth Policy (NYP) (2007) and the National Youth Council (NYC) Act (2009).

The NYC Act 2009 was operationalized in December 2012 following nationwide wide youth elections held as per the NYC Election Guidelines 2011. The need to have a National Youth Council was created after heightened attention to youth issues in response to the post-election violence experienced in the country in January 2008 and in adherence to international obligations on youth empowerment specifically, the African Youth Charter.

The Council is a youth empowerment platform and provides an elaborate structure that facilitates the participation and inclusion of the youth in governance, national affairs and ensures programmes are youth centered and driven.

Our Programs & Activities

  • Utafiti na Vijana
  • Fursa
  • Sawazisha gumzo
  • Uzalendo
  • Coordination & Representation
  • Tujengane
  • Jihamasishe


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