1st Annual Consultative Dialogue of African Youth Leaders

The African Youth Union held the first annual consultative young leaders’ dialogue held in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco from 21st-22nd July 2022 in the presence of Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, the Moroccan Minister of Culture.


Countries such as Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia have all previously hosted this youth union.


Morocco was given the honor of hosting this edition in the capital after extensive negotiations with the African Union (AU) were carried out by the minister in January.


The event attracted more than 150 youth leaders and ministers from 49 different African nations, including the youth ministers of Kenya, Madagascar, and Botswana.


The consultative dialogue was held at a particular time for PYU as its union celebrated its 60 years of rallying and amplifying the youth voice regionally and internationally.

The objective of the Pan African Youth Union is to gather and mobilize young Africans on all continents to realize the ideals and strategies of the AU, including unity, peace, democracy, sustainable development and African integration.

The role of the AU and its priorities were underlined by Mr Bensaid and all the representatives.

Since the adoption of the AU agenda in 2063, the heads of state and government had emphasized the need for a commitment and responsible youth capable of driving and taking charge of African indigenous development.

The PYU thematic areas discussed were: Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability; Peace and Security; Migration; Skill development: entrepreneurship, education and youth employment; Health and Lifestyle; Economic Inclusion and Africa Continental Free trade Area; and Youth Development and institutional capacity.

The first plenary session was convened themed: Consolidating our gains: Forging Partnerships Towards the African Renaissance  which was moderated by Mr. Roy Sasaka, CEO of National Youth Council Kenya.


The meeting was geared to deliberate with leaders of National Youth Councils, Regional Organizations, and Youth-Led Civil Society organizations across Africa to consolidate the common ground for experience-sharing and discussion and reflect the aspirations of African Youth.

Among the vital issues recommended to be addressed through collaboration and synergies included illegal migration, border conflicts, and market issues. Other areas which were discussed included: (i)Reengineering Africa’s Socio-economic construct; changing mindset to guarantee youth the #theAfricaWeWant (ii)Renewing our commitments towards a resilient and progressive Africa and  (iii)Towards a Common Future: Consolidating partnerships, connecting and transforming through the youth.

Also in attendance was CAS National Treasury and Planning Mr. Eric Wafukho,  Secretary of Youth Affairs in the State Department for Youth Affairs, HSC, Mr. Raymond Ochieng, Libyan Minister of Youth, African Peer Review Management Organization chief of staff advocate Mr Batlokoa and Deputy of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Madagascar, Ms. Juliana Tahina Ratovoscon.

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