The Kenyatta International Conference Center hosted the National Youth Prayer and Peace Festival. The Conference Center on 7th of August 2022 was the culmination of various efforts.

The interventions were taken to increase meaningful youth participation in the election process. The National Youth Council, in collaboration with the IEBC Youth Coordinating Committee, Committee and the Youth Serving Organizations Consortium had undertaken activities in ten counties across the country to achieve the goals outlined below; contributing to a peaceful election by mobilizing young people: keep the peace during and after the general election, and increasing youth participation in electoral processes as potential candidates or as conscientious voters capable of electing the right leaders.

The event targeted and hosted multiple stakeholders including Kenyan youth, electoral management body leaders from 3 countries, development partners, youth serving organizations, political party youth leagues and young leaders in government and ministries and development agencies (MDAs).

Esha Mohammed, NYC Board Member, took a minute to take the audience through a documentary that showed victims of the 2007/08 post-election violence. Reminding young people why they would never want to be a part of violence ever again and how we should always treasure peace.

NYC CEO Roy Sasaka spoke about how the National Youth Council is actively working to create a culture of peace, and how they have collaborated with various stakeholders to improve peace in the country. They have also collaborated with Spread Truth Africa to lead the restoration of peace in Kerio Valley, which has recently experienced intertribal conflict. Finally, they talked about the youth policy dialogue and how they got various national leaders to commit to maintaining and promoting peace and unity during and after the elections.

Finally, Ms. Nadia Abdalla, Cabinet Assistant Secretary, shared that as young people, our main priority should be to seek change. “There is a Kenya beyond the ballot box, so let us focus our efforts on building a better Kenya,” and that youth are the driving force behind the economy. “There is Kenya beyond the ballot,” she shared, adding that it is our responsibility to maintain peace, inclusion, and diversity in Kenya. “Kenya is love,” she said, encouraging peace. She read her peace pledge for peaceful elections.

The festival proceeded with artists Size 8, Avril, Wyre, Trio Mio, and Mercy Masika being present and performing peace songs. There were also presentations made by upcoming artists.

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