Sports is an important aspect in youth development. According to Kenya National Development Youth Policy, it identifies, nature and develops talents among Youth by encouraging and supporting volunteerism in sports and co-curricular activities across all counties.

In Kenya, the youth constitute over 51 percent of the total population. The explosion in the youth population, particularly in the developing world, provides unprecedented opportunities for harnessing the energy and potential of youth to further development objectives.

The National Youth Council Kenya in partnership with Spread Truth Africa held a sports tournament on 23rd February 2022 at the Kenya School of Government(KSG) in Lower Kabete.

The football players showed resilience, hard work and determination in the field. Through strategic collaboration with various partners sports played a critical role in youth empowerment.

During the sports event, the Sawazisha Gumzo program focused on teenage pregnancies, mental health, drug use & substance abuse, entrenching values, volunteerism & community service, and patriotism.

According to Madam Wairimu Waweru, the Head of Department of Communications & Advocacy, “The youth who are involved in drug-related problems affect their relationships with family members and friends. They are likely to be involved in fightsdrugs lead to irresponsible sexual behaviour, girls abusing drugs are likely to get pregnant. Many of the employed youth who abuse drugs lose their jobs due to absenteeism and sometimes inefficiency.” She added that the modest amounts of exercise in sports help treat depression and anxiety. This helps clear the mind and calm down.

“Youth participation in sports propagates values such as discipline, respect, team building, equality, fairness, trust, and inclusion,” said Pastor Jayson of Spread Truth Africa. He also spoke on the importance of resilience, hard work, and determination.

Mr Peter Quest, Head of Administration at Kenya School of Government, emphasized the importance of sports in enhancing peace amongst youth through community service and volunteerism.

The National Youth Council with the support of various partners and stakeholders will continue to encourage, support, and promote Sawazisha Gumzo to young people. Later, the winning teams were awarded trophies, and the participants of the football tournament were given game kits.

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