The National Youth Council is mandated under Section 4 of the NYC act 2009(Rev 2012,2014) to act as the voice and bridge to ensure that the Government and the policymakers are kept informed of the views and aspirations of the Youth. It is also mandated to promote the inclusion of Youth in decision-making bodies and institutions.

The Council conducted a leadership and governance forum in Bungoma(Kimilili) at Lechante Hotel, Tranzoia(Kitale) at ICM and Busia (Nambale) at Thorn and Thatch. This being an electioneering period, it was meant to offer an opportunity to the youth leaders to discuss: the challenges and opportunities that the youth face in different counties, youth taking up leadership spaces, youth civic responsibility, youth participation in the economic development, Youth as peace ambassadors and Youth and the existing empowerment initiatives.

The NYC Kenya mobilized 150 youth leaders in each of the counties totalling 450 youth participants. The youth mobilization considered the two thirds gender rule with consideration of Youth with Disability. The CEO NYC Sir Roy Sasaka Telewa set the Agenda of the session by presenting the program of the day and the overview of NYC. Key NYC programs include; Sawazisha Gumzo, Intergenerational dialogue forums, leadership and governance forum, environmental conservation, youth exchange programme, talent and innovation, Fursa Vs Virus.

The leaders in attendance were Mr Raymond Ochieng YAB engaged in leadership and governance dialogue, Ms Angel Mbuthia Youth Advisory Board discussed Youth Civic responsibility and Youth Opportunities Innovation for Prosperity Dialogue was discussed by Ms June Chepkemei of Konza Technopolis.

As NYC Kenya, we would like to recommend an increased number of forums to all the counties, increased budget for events to cater for a higher number of participants mobilized, engage with more partners for a wider reach, identify and facilitate youth champions to advocate the government agenda on the ground, enhanced capacity building on qualities of good leaders, political rights and responsibilities and consider the use of mainstream media and social media for advocacy.


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