“Our culture is the bedrock of who we are as Kenyans, who we are as various tribes, and how that unites us.”

A three-day opening ceremony was held on Main Campus, which is situated in the heart of Kisii town, to kick off the eighth iteration of the cultural festival hosted by Kisii University. The festival’s goals are to bring people together from all walks of life, encourage peace, and strengthen our sense of national unity. The youth as agents of peace, inclusivity, and value-based cultural integration is the theme of this year’s 2022 cultural festival.

Ucspak, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) of Kenya, as well as other significant partners, were present. The National Youth Council investigated campuses to look for peace commitments among students in an effort to improve peace negotiations.

The students showed patriotism by embracing coexistence while showcasing their variety through regional dances.

“One of the keys to success is understanding your origins. According to VC John Solana, Kisii University is in charge of ensuring that its population has access to diverse cultural activities.

Later, Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa, CEO of the National Youth Council, graced the stage with a dance while dressed in traditional garb to demonstrate how diverse and harmonious different groups can be. Before going to the event, he took part in a tree-planting operation to help Kenya reach its 10% forest cover goal.

He made a point of highlighting the value of culture to young people in his opening remarks. Because of their leadership potential and creative energy, youth may function as a bridge across cultures and be important forces in advancing peace and intercultural understanding. Comrades should lead the way in promoting peace across the nation, he continued. The National Youth Council will therefore assist universities in making sure this is done in fruition.

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