The 6th edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week took place from 26th – 28th April 2022 at the Great Court , Hyslop Carpark at University of Nairobi Main Campus.

The objective of the Nairobi Innovation Week  provided an opportunity for youth and different stakeholders to expand their world view and explore other sectors, create new professional networks and experience the critical engagement that comes with co-creation of knowledge and inventions.

Among the representatives will be from the National Youth Council in partnership with University of Nairobi delegates,Youth Fund representatives, decision-makers,State Department for Youth Affairs representatives, development economists, policymakers, ambassadors, negotiators,  advocates and among other stakeholders.

Learning institutions were recommended to undertake thorough curriculum review to ensure training & courses offered in colleges & universities are “Market tailored.”

It also created a forum for Youth to showcase their creative ideas through innovations.

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