Through the training of 1 million software developers throughout Africa, the Power learning project program seeks to empower youth. High-profile guests, representatives from the administration, social media influencers, innovators, etc. were present. The Cabinet Administrative Secretary for youth affairs, Ms. Nadia Abdallah, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Council, Mr. Roy Sasaka, Associate Vice Chancellor Prof. Margaret Hutchinson, Adanian Labs, Chief Inspiration Officer John Kamara, and other stakeholders were among the keynote speakers.

Participants in the entertaining event that preceded the launch got to sample a variety of software engineering-based technical developments. They received a variety of gifts as well.

John Kamara, on the other hand, demonstrated the dedication of his organization to supporting people who have a passion for software development. He emphasized in particular how he was able to teach himself to code and how doing so allowed him to visit more than 100 countries worldwide.

PLP’s chief growth and operations officer, Mumbi Ndugu, explained that the organization makes education accessible through a virtual learning platform that caters to students in Africa who are 18 years of age and older and are especially interested in learning soft skills, programming languages, entrepreneurship, and employability. The PLP was appreciative at the sizable turnout during the launch.

The ISACA Kenya Chapter’s Mr. Anthony Muiyuro demonstrated the range of technological opportunities that improve global competitiveness. However, in order to advance and prosper, one must embrace a sense of urgency. John Kamara, on the other hand, streamlined the collaboration between Adanians Labs and PLP 1millionDevProject in order to realize the Pan African Dream of creating useful value as a result of the fourth industrial revolution.

The PLP 1 Million Developers project-aligned Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology stressed the importance of embracing technology to address pressing issues confronting young people, like unemployment.

Through a representative, the CEO of the National Youth Council of Kenya praised the PLP initiative for its contribution to digitising Africa by educating, honing, and improving young people’s digital skills. He advised every youth to join the project.

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