The National Youth Council champions youth empowerment in all spheres of life. In this regard, it has partnered with other organizations to achieve the mandate. Together with Spread Truth Africa, the council carried out a two-day youth empowerment session in Meru county under the umbrella of Sawazisha Gumzo & Mentorship. The Meru Youth Service (MYS) spearheaded the session. The session oversaw the passing out of 500 servicemen and women, majorly youth. In honour of the program’s impact, H.E Kiraitu Murungi graced the pass out.

Sawazisha Gumzo is a program under the National Youth Council Kenya. It is an intragenerational and intergenerational dialogue that aims to support youth mentally and psychosocially through value transfer and mentorship. Also, the program addresses the cultural and socioeconomic factors that accelerate challenges youth encounter. Based on the fact that the contemporary digital lifestyle has impacted every aspect of life, the youth were enlightened on moral values so they can live and prosper. According to Ms Wairimu, failure to guard discipline jeopardizes one’s future. In addition, the communication and Advocacy head emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline at all costs since the country’s future depends entirely on youth. On the other hand, Ms Wairimu acknowledged the normality of mental struggles such as anxiety, stress, and depression resulting from experiences youth encounter as they grow. Ms Wairimu urged the youth to speak out whenever they struggle mentally.

The CEO of National Youth Council Kenya, Mr Roy Sasaka, exhibited the importance of youth mentorship especially in avoiding wrong steps. According to the CEO, mentorship pays and enhances forward movement; one also impacts other people’s lives through mentorship. Meanwhile, during the pass-out, the significant role of training was pinpointed. According to the CEO of Meru Youth Service, the training aims at instilling personal discipline and moral upgrade. It is also a rehabilitation process. Besides, the youth are expected to give back to the community after passing out. The climax of the activities involves an award ceremony. The activity articulated the need for youth to be enlightened on available opportunities that might enhance their sustainability.

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